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What to Wear on a Christmas Date

It's already the month of December! Time flies by quickly, and the weather is slowly changing accordingly. Changing your fall styles to match the cold weather for winter or a Christmas date can be difficult. Let us give you some ideas on how you can coordinate a few winter styles.

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Christmas in Japan is like a Valentine’s Day it’s a day for couples rather than families. Christmas Eve is perhaps the most romantic night of the year. Some people scramble the weeks before just to try to get a girlfriend or boyfriend for that day, so they have someone to spend it with. If you don’t have a date it’s best to not hear or talk about it.

It’s a very big deal that if you have a significant other at the time, to go on a date that day and spend it together exchanging expensive gifts, eating at a restaurant, and participating in the Christmas eve activities. For example, the candle lighting with the candles that have you and your significant others' name engraved on it, and going to see the illuminations (picture above). Many couples can be expected to go to Hikari No Saiten, also known as the Festival of Light. This is where the Motofuchie Park is filled with extravagant illuminations. Another place is Omotesando (表参道), an area filled with gourmet restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. But first you might want to find an outfit for the date.


For the Christmas date both the male and female want to look their absolute best so here are some of suggestions of outfits that is worn on Christmas dates.

We have some ideas for a cute and trendy look. For the left (above) is a recommendation of wearing a cute long sleeve dress and a matching necklace. Who says cute dresses are only limited to the warmer season? Pair it up with tights and your outfit is half way done! On the right (above) has a girl wearing an oversize long coat which is perfect to wear over any outfit.


For picking a dress women have the option of wearing a dress they would never wear normally. But a Christmas Eve date is the time to impress, so why not? Women that are going for the sexy look have the option of a black dress that is transparent on the neckline or an open back. Another option is a lacy dress with ribbons and bows that give off a cute look. For a sophisticated look there is a checkered pattern dress that is simple but elegant.

What has been trendy as well is the high waisted skirt with a blouse or top. This option is more flexible for women to mix and match depending on their style. The skirt can be a tight high waisted skirt to give that sophisticated look or the skirt can be flowy with a pattern on it. Another type of high waisted skirt is the one with overall straps on the side giving it the cute look. 

We have also noticed a makeup trend that goes very well along with a winter coordinate. It goes for a soft look while achieving nice "baby-like" skin. Recently, it is very popular to go for a softer makeup look. It calls for bright skin, hint of blush, naturally filled eyebrows, and subtle eyeliner. If you follow this article, it'll show you step by step how to achieve this makeup trend. 


For guys, layers are better than no layers!

Colors are important! Pairing up a good sweater for the interior with a nice jacket and pants that is within the same shade works well. Many can combine a buttoned up shirt on the inside, wearing a cardigan or a v-neck sweater. Finishing up the look with a nice pair of shoes and simple pants. Along with a scarf to stay warm. For a fancier look you can also pair a cashmere coat and scarf with a shirt, tie, and pressed trousers. 

Hopefully these suggestions have been helpful for people to find an outfit for the special day!

If you don't really want to be around all the couples then in Japan there is a restaurant that is banning couples for the night. 

Happy Holidays!

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