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Themed Cafes in Japan

One of the wonderful things about Japan is their themed cafes if you’re in town or visiting make sure to visit one of the cafes.

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The first café opened in Japan was in 1888. Now, there is a memorial to remember the first café at that same spot. Japan imports around 450,000 tons of coffee every year and they are the fourth largest consumer of coffee. Cafes are a place where people take things easy and to relax with a different atmosphere from home. In Japan, there are around 80,000 cafes opened.

Some of the themed cafes:

Maid Café: This café has girls in maid outfits and they serve their “master,” which is the costumer. They entertain their guests and make sure that they are having a good time. There are games that customers participate in as well. They also offer services in ear cleaning and massages. The first location opened in Akihabara and from there on more stores have popped up including some locations have opened in the United States.

There is also the alternative chubby maid café.

Butler Café: This café has men dressed in suits. Similar to the maid café except the butlers that cater to women.

Granny Café: The Café Rottenmeier is a European style café with “Granny” servers.

Mother Café: I won’t go into too much detail as there are just mothers as the servers.

Cuddle Café: This café lets people come in and lay next to a girl for their company there is nothing more allowed. You can pay extra though if you would like to lay on her lap. This café has been making headlines lately for its interesting concept. Check out CNN for a video of the concept.

Cat Café: These cafes give you the leisure of playing with cats while enjoying your cup of coffee.

Similarly: Zoo Café, Bunny Café, Dog Café, Owl Café, and Reptile Café

Vampire Café: This café is with the vampire theme down to its food and indoors experience.

Christon Café: This café has a Catholic vibe and theme.

Manga Café: At the manga café there are many more than just manga books there are games as well as your own tanning station, computer room, shower and basically a hotel some people even stay there the whole day since they charge it by the hour. It has also been used as a hotel.

Office Café: This café has an outlet at every table perfect for the people with a laptop or need to get work done.


Alice in Wonderland, Pikachu, One Piece, Gundam, My Melody, Kigurumi cafe, AKB48 cafes: These specialty themed café are towards the character or the pop culture of the time. 

Moomin Café: Anti Loneliness café. This café is based on the Moomin character and if you dine alone there is always a plushie character across from you that will keep you company #notforeveralone 

“Our Home” Café: This café is especially for the elderly where they can visit every day and talk with other elderly if they are lonely and need something to do.


These are a few of the cafes that are in Japan there are much, much, more though. Japan is constantly making new cafe themes that cater for the time period's trend. This themed café phenomenon doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon, and thank goodness for that! If you would like to visit one in the states check online if there is any opening near you. In California, there is the cat cafe as well as a newly opened dog cafe.

Have you ever been to a themed cafe before? Give us your thoughts below!

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