Japan Expo Bay Area - August 22-24, 2014 San Mateo Event Center, California

Thank you so much!

For 3 days, Japan Expo has been sharing with you a common passion for Japan, modern and traditional, and so many emotions and memories! And for that we want to say thank you to all who took part in the adventure!

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Starting with all of YOU, the attendees, for coming, cheering the guests, taking part in the events, and making the festival a great moment of celebration! Thank you so much!

Many thanks to the guests who offered us unique moments of music, talent, humor, amazing shows, and emotions.

Many thanks to all the participants and exhibitors who enlivened the festival and offered so many activities during 3 days.

And many thanks to the staff and the team of Japan Expo!


See you next time for the 3rd Impact!


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limDsage, 30 years old
I also have a few suggestions/feedback: 1- More panels and activities: with a large open area this year, I believe there's a large potential for more activity for those who are outside. 2- The main panel/martial arts hall: It was really somewhat of an inconvenience having a panel and a martial arts demo going at the same time. 3- Gaming hall: I liked last year's gaming hall, as it provided a lot of gaming choices and set ups for everyone. Regardless, I enjoyed my time at JX. See you next year!
limDsage, 30 years old
This year's JX was great! I enjoyed the variety of guests and programmings you folks have brought on to the event. The con setting was something I also appreciated; it gave a lot of open areas for guests and also for the Cultural and Main stage. Getting autographs were also very well-executed and having a desk for the Guests at the dealer's hall made it also easier to approach and interact with them.
3) main panel room: the martial arts demonstrations going on at the same time made it impossible to hear the guests at times. 4) more advertisement for the cosplay events! I found out about the events through ACP rather than through JX. I would have missed out on some opportunities to meet the guests close up if I did. I love all the guest-fan interaction at JX and I'd really love to see this con succeed! Can't wait for next year.
I had a wonderful time at this year's JX! The guests were awesome and very friendly, and the autograph sessions were well organized. The outdoors venue is a little weird at first but a cool concept. I really liked the on-site food trucks and it felt less cramped than a con center. Suggestions for next year's event: 1) having stages facing each other made it really hard to hear anything. 2) heat lamps? The bay gets really cold at night, and it definitely made cosplaying at night uncomfortable.
JXTeam, 11 years old
Thank you for your comments and for your support. :) It feels good when you are tired. But yet we are ready to get back to work. We have so much to prepare to make next year event better. Stay in touch for new info all year long...
5. more food choices; like takoyaki, yakisoba 6. Sports demo location with main panel: all the noises from the sports going on made the main panel impossible to hear

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