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Some news about your Japan Expo member account!

Japan Expo is improving the security on your member accounts and to achieve that, we need your help: nothing to worry about, it will just take a few seconds!

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There are more and more of you signing up and joining Japan Expo’s community: thank you so much!

We keep on developing our website and the tools we propose, and at the moment, we are improving security for your member accounts. 

For those who have already signed up and joined the community, you will have to confirm this by activating your account.

  • Soon you will get an e-mail asking you to activate your account by clicking a link. This will take no more than a few seconds, so check out your messages (and your junk mail, just in case!).
  • Once you’ve clicked the link, follow the procedure and you will be able to use your account just as before.
  • If you don’t activate your account, you will get an error message when trying to log in, and will have to ask for an activation message again.  


For newcomers, it simply means that now, when signing up, you will receive an activation e-mail. You will just have to click the link to activate and enjoy your account. 

A little reminder about what you can do with your account:

  • like and comment our pages
  • buy tickets
  • create your own schedule
  • find your favs, your personal schedule and your tickets in your user account
  • be part of the community!

You want more information about member accounts? Read this!

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