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Ramen Yokocho

Since the fall season is here as well as the rainy days what a better time to eat something warm! If you’re in California, one of our festival partners Ramen Yokocho is going to be in San Jose and Los Angeles in October. Yokocho means alleyways and so “Ramen Yokocho” means alleyways with a few ramen shops.

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A message from our festival partner, Ramen Yokocho!

For San Jose:

"The largest ramen festival brings the best ramen from Japan and the US to San Jose! It takes place at San Jose Convention Center on 10/3-5 and 10/10-12.  Yes! 2 weekends in a row! Not only the best tonkotsu shops, but also beef broth, seafood base and vegetarian. If that’s not enough, Tsujita, which is on every list of “Best Ramen in America” will be serving in San Jose the exclusive Miso Tonkotsu. AND! The Original Ramen Burger will bring its new creation “Burger Ramen” which will debut in San Jose!!"

For Pomona:

"This will be the last chance to attend the Ramen Festival in 2014!  It’ll be the best ramen line up of Ramen Yokocho history. 3 of the best tonkotsu ramen shops are competing one another to bring you their BEST!! The Original Ramen Burger will bring its new creation, the “Burger Ramen” for the first time in the L.A. area."

Ramen Yokocho will be October 3-5 and October 10-12 at the San Jose Convention Center, and October 18-19 at the Fairplex Pomona. They will also be featuring several films throughout the day. Did I mention there's also going to be a Doraemon statue, shop, and exhibit?

For more information check out their site: http://www.ramenyokochous.com/ 

Are you excited?! Which ramen will you be looking forward to eating and will you be attending?

We blogged about our experience HERE

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