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On the go Capsule Hotels

Amongst the various types of hotels in Japan, one of them are Capsule Hotels. They are affordable and provide you the most basic comfort. If you are in Japan for the winter and need a place to stay, one of your options could be a capsule hotel.

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カプセルホテル or Capsule Hotels "ka·pa·se·ru ho·te·ru" are one of Japan's various accomodating areas. The first capsule hotel (Capsule Inn Osaka) was introduced in Osaka, Japan in 1979. In the beginning most of the Capsules were to accomodate only men, but newer capsule hotels offer room to both women and men.

Usually there should be two capsules per stack, with steps to access the upper half. When you enter the hotel, you would first go check in. There should be a shoebox to store your shoes, and you would receive a locker key and capsule number after checking in. 


Most capsule rooms should have at least a television, mirror, and just enough bed space for one person. Within the capsule, there is a panel for you to adjust the television channel, alarm, and light. It is a pretty cool accomodation that usually costs roughly under 7000 Yen ($60) a night. 

To accomodate the guests, Capsule hotels provide a lounge area and public shower rooms. Other various facilities would depend on the Capsule Hotel.   

Capsule Hotel Tips!

  • The walls are thin so keep that in mind. There are blinds for you to use as necessary. 
  • Make sure you know when to check out. An alarm should be readily available in the capsule (where you adjust the light or television).
  • Some hotels provide clothing such as a yukata which you could wear after shower, but don't walk all over the place in them!
  • If you want a snack, ask the staff if they provide any. It will be charged to your bill. 
  • No smoking in the capsule. Ask for sections where they allow you to smoke. 

Capsule Hotel In Japan

In Japan it is known as capsules, but could go by other names in other countries. Capsule Hotels are located all around Tokyo (Shinjuku and Asakusa), Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. It quite affordable and definitely a must-try experience when traveling to Japan!

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