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Naruto Goodbye!

Naruto has now come to an end but is it really ending?

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Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!!

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto was first published in 1999 with the pilot released in 1997 and it is finally coming to an end on November 10, 2014 in the 50th issue of Jump. The anime produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex premiered in 2002 in Japan and it still ongoing. Viz media is the North American publisher as well as anime distributor, and the anime is currently airing on Toonami. The popularity is so big that many people cosplay as the characters throughout the years.

After 15 years of serialization Naruto is finally coming to an end. But as I was searching online I realized that the spoilers, discussions, and theories are everywhere. Must stop looking. 


From the beginning of Naruto being the outcast child, to his dream of being the next Hokage, to his crush on Sakura, to his fight with Sasuke, to the fight of Orochimaru, to Sasuke’s revelation about the Uchiha clan, and up until the final battle of Sasuke and Naruto. Go Team 7 and of course Kakashi! Naruto taught us friendship, love, hate, pain, and standing up for what you believe in. Naruto started off as the kid I read trying his best to stand out and not be hated to his dream of being the next Hokage fulfilled, and in the process he found himself and love. In the 15 years of this serialization from beginning to end I have grown to love all the characters in their own way with the character development throughout the series. I will never forget the moments I pretended I was one of the characters and yelled the jutsu I had memorized along with the hands movements. Oh my childhood. Plus my love for ramen came from Naruto.

But before I get all nostalgic, don’t fret because it’s not over yet! Masashi Kishimoto is working on a new Naruto series that will begin a “short-term serialization” from spring 2015. So Naruto fans feel excited for the year to come along with the upcoming movie and if you want to re-enact the ending challenge your friends in the video game! 


For now, let us celebrate the ending of Naruto.

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