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Meet the Characters on Our Poster

We would like to introduce the characters from our JX01 and JX02 poster designed by Yusuke Kozaki.

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PC – Petit Chien (French) - Little Dog

PC is Kosuke Kimura’s pet. Since he lives alone PC is there to be with him. PC tries to help him when he gets stuck in games but Kosuke doesn’t want to be helped. PC still shows Kosuke the cheats though. They bicker a lot but they are good pals. PC was found in the dumpster by Kosuke while he was walking home and fixed him up. PC helps him understand technology and the logistics of the game. PC’s favorite food is memory chips. 

Kosuke Kimura

Birthday: August 9

Kosuke Kimura is 5’8, blood type O, favorite season is the fall, and his favorite color is blue. He is a first year in high school and is ranked top 40 in his high school. Since he has red hair, he gets made fun of a lot but his obliviousness and determination to be the best is unwavering. The only problem is he isn’t too aware when it comes to other people’s feelings, so when girls confess to him he doesn’t know what to do. He likes to immerse himself into anything he is preoccupied with at the time

 He loves to play video games and watch anime. The latest game he has been playing is with his childhood friend, Akari Ogawa. She keeps him in check when he gets too carried away with a game or anime. When a new anime or manga comes out he would head straight to Akihabara, his favorite district. He isn’t afraid to show how he feels, he is straightforward and strong willed. He loves problem solving and when there is any new game he jumps into it right away. He lives alone because his dad had to work abroad and his mom followed, but he decided to stay in the city of Tokyo. 

Akari Ogawa

Birthday: February 10

Akari Ogawa is 5’6, blood type B, favorite season is the winter, and her favorite color is purple. She is a first year in high school, and ranked top 10 in the school. She is childhood friends with Kosuke and she loves swimming and being outside with nature. She is mature for her age and likes to take care of others. She likes shopping for trendy clothes and makeup as well as doing crafts. She loves dressing up especially during the weekends and attending pop rock concerts. Another thing she loves is to eat and ever since Reina became friends she’s been having more wonderful meals. She is the cool, fashionable, type who likes to do things by herself. She doesn’t like relying on others and showing her emotions. Everyone at school thinks she is a cool beauty, but in reality, she is thinking about something trivial in her head. She cherishes her friends and family a lot. She has a little brother in her family of 4. Her favorite city is Osaka. Akari and Kosuke have known each other for 10 years so he is her best friend.

Reina Takahashi

Birthday: December 27

Reina Takahashi is a girl who entered high school with no one she knew since she was studying abroad in Singapore. Her favorite color is pink, she is blood type AB, favorite season is spring, and she is 5’3. She loves Kyudo and practices every morning. She also loves cooking and learning about the cultural aspects of Japan as well as other countries. Her favorite city is Kyoto. Reina met Kosuke by sitting next to him in class where they naturally became friends, and then she quickly became friends with Akari. She easily forgets what is told to her but people find her easy to talk to. Not only that, but she gets really competitive when anyone decides to challenge her to anything, especially kyudo. She loves cooking different dishes and sharing them with Kosuke and Akari. She has a lot of compassion, and tries her best in anything she does. Reina has a pet dog and her family is very prestigious.


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