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Labor Thanksgiving Day

Today is America's national holiday full of food and shopping but did you know Japan’s Thanksgiving was a few days ago?

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In Japan, their national holiday is called Labor Thanksgiving or kinro kansha no hi that takes place on November 23. Labor Thanksgiving is when you are thankful for the workers, and sometimes the children would make thank you cards to give out. A formal definition according to wikipedia is that it “commemorates labor production and giving one another thanks; formerly a harvest festival.”  Most of the businesses are still open on Labor Thanksgiving day, but the government services are closed and there are little celebrations.

Labor Thanksgiving has roots back in 660BC where the hard work of farmers and workers would be appreciated, and the wonderful harvest would be dedicated to the gods by the Emperor. After that people would celebrate by eating the newly harvested rice. It changed in 1948 where people gave thanks for one another for all the hard work they do in accordance with the fundamental human rights of workers which expanded workers rights.

Fun fact: They don’t eat turkey to celebrate Labor Thanksgiving, but if you’re in Japan and miss an American Thanksgiving meal some restaurants serve it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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