Japan Expo Bay Area - August 22-24, 2014 San Mateo Event Center, California

JX Highlights

Are you having post JX USA depression? Well we are bringing you a recap highlights of the Japan Expo USA 2nd Impact!

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We wanted to bring a festival feel to the show which included an indoor and outdoor fun-filled experience from the main stage with performances by Mayuko, ILU Grace, A For-Real, Hero Hiroka, Team Hideo, Hello! Musume Dance, Akira Yamaoka, and a surprise appearance by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Steve Blum, and Israel Ulloa from the Silent Hill Band, as well as the J Fashion Show and masquerade. To the cultural stage we had Koto, Asanagi Shodo, Shoyukai, Ikebana, Theatre of Yugen, Okinawa dance and drums, Bachido Shamisen, Kendama, and many more. 



A festival wouldn’t be a festival without food and that’s why we have food trucks! Hopefully all of you have tried some sushi, curry, yakitori, crepes, and a bit of sake from the sake tasting to help throughout the day.  If you had some down time there was the martial arts exhibition as well as the game shows, panels, anime screening rooms, cosplay gatherings, and of course the exhibit hall where you can check out the Wabi Sabi, the sponsors, the vendors, and aspiring artists at the artist alley.  We hope you made sure to turn on your fan mode on because there were autograph signing from Amie Lynn, Living Ichigo, Felipe Smith, Daigo Ikeno, Izumi Matsumoto, Gen Urobuchi, Shinji Aramaki, Akihiro Kanayama, and Akira Yamaoka.



Did you catch the lights outside at night and the parade on Saturday and Sunday? We hope you enjoyed our festival and left feeling happy.

What were your favorite memories from the festival? Let us know in the comments!



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