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Japanese Photo Trends

A camera is being pointed at you what do you do? Play it safe with a smile, be funny with a funny face, or be cool with no expression at all. But what about your hands where would you put that? What do you do?!

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Unless you are the natural model then everything just comes naturally but here are some suggestions for your next photo. Here are some popular postures and trends in photos from Japan.

Some of the typical photo poses are the wink, the heart, the cat pose, the sleepy, the chu, and the shock face.

Many Japanese people also like to do the peace sign in photos and the origination of that was during the hippie community in the late 1960s that took place in the Shinjuku area. The V sign can be made in various angles to give it the ultimate performance type.

The Obashot is a posture that is trending lately which was started from the comedian Ariyoshi. Obasan (middle aged lady) usually has a certain way of posing, and so the comedian mimicked their postures when he had a picture taken and now it is popular with people. 

Another ongoing trend has been the anime fight scenes that are being recreated in photos. For example, the Attack on Titan fad where giants are eating the people. Other photo trends are the hadokening from Street Fighter and the poses of attack from Dragon Ball Z.

There have also been people imitating the Quidditch game from Harry Potter.

Other popular poses include the pretend toothaches as well as the unusual hair smiles. 

Do you have a favorite pose?

Source Kotaku and What is Popular in Japan Right Now?


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