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How KFC is celebrated during Christmas

Chicken is best known as one of the main factors of a Christmas dinner when in Japan, and what better place to look for it than KFC?

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Have you ever noticed that Colonel Sanders slightly resembles Santa Claus (except Santa’s beard is fuller)? That may be one reason why the restaurant decided to dress him in a Santa costume.

Growing up, many of us can remember being brought to KFC for little occasions. But in Japan, expect KFC to be more celebrated and booming especially during Christmas! Gaining popularity as a trend back in the 1970’s, KFC has now grown to be as a Christmas custom when celebrating Christmas in Japan. Back then turkey wasn't all that available, so the next best option was the succelent taste of fried chicken. 

Although couples may always include fine-dining as part of their Christmas date, families will surely come visit the popular joint known as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There are many ways KFC Japan is different than KFC in America. For flavors, you can find sesame and soy sauce flavored chicken and yuzu (a type of citrus fruit) flavored fried chicken. Did you know that dark meat is more valued than white meat in Japan? The cost will also vary depending on whether you buy your meal as a value set or individual pieces. It could cost over $40 with just the 10-pc fried chicken, fries, and a few side items. Amazingly enough, a dinner at KFC could also include some cake and champagne!

Who loves commericials? I know I do, and I'm sure you are interested in how they advertise KFC during Christmas. 

Japanese KFC Christmas Commercial

After reading this article, don't you just want to eat some KFC fried chicken?! If you want to learn more about how KFC adapted to the Japanese market and culture, there is a short documentary on YouTube called, the Colonel Comes To Japan (it was made in 1980's so expect VHS quality).

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