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Halloween Part 2: Japan's Exclusive Treats

Halloween is getting close: a perfect time to see what’s going on in Japan right now with a few dedicated articles. For a start, let’s have a look at seasonal food!

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Halloween is definitely not a traditional Japanese celebration, yet, and more and more, the Japanese give it a try; after all, it’s all about horror and supernatural stuff, which Japanese culture is full of.  

Supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, fast foods and even the traditional lunch bento’s get orange and black, meals get spooky aspects, and yet it’s as yummy as ever!


The pumpkin pudding taste is added to the already wide variety of Kit Kat’s you can find only in Japan, muffins taste like pumpkin too, and between blueberry, apple-grape, pumpkin and chocolate, ice creams can make you shiver.


After this sample of treats, let’s have a look at meals. Two new hamburger recipes have been available for Halloween: a squid ink black beef hamburger and a ghostly white chicken hamburger. As for bento's, they’ve replaced kawaii characters with ghosts, monsters, skeletons, and spooky spiders.

And if you want to make a Japanese Halloween meal, you can try the Ghost Forest Yakisoba with red cabbage and kamaboko ghosts (a sort of fish cake you can easily cut to create any shape you want): the recipe’s right here.

Post Courtesy of Japan Expo Paris. Check the site here

Let us know what other Halloween food to share. 

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