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Five Christmas Traditions in Japan

Here are five things that are special in Christmas at Japan.

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1. KFC Chicken Dinner on Christmas

This is a must for dinner in Japan on Christmas because of KFC’s wonderful marketing campaign. If you decide to get it on the day of that isn’t happening especially with all the pre-orders months before. For more information check out our article last week about KFC during Christmas.

2. Christmas Character Bentos

Specialty bentos are made for Christmas because in Japan Christmas isn’t a national holiday, thus children still need to go to school and adults need to go to work. What a better way to have a very merry lunch.

3. Christmas Japanese Sweets

Specialty Japanese sweets are molded into Santa and have faces of reindeers and Christmas trees. Some sweets include tiny houses made out of cookies to imitate the gingerbread house, cupcakes for all the people who can’t finish a cake with snowman designs, doughnut pancakes with Canadian maple sugar and decorated with a cardboard Santa sled, and there is also wagashi that looks like reindeers and Santa.

4. Christmas Cakes 

A Christmas cake in Japan is a must have as stated in one of our past articles here. Christmas just isn't Christmas without the cake. The most popular one being the strawberry shortcake. Another cake is the sushi cake which is full of sashimi. So if you have had too much sugar this is a great alternative.

5. Illuminations

Tokyo Skytree Town has Christmas illuminations until December 25th featuring the world's tallest Christmas tree. At Nishinomaru Garden at Osaka Castle there is a spectacular 3D projection mapping illumination. Another place with illuminations is the Nabana no Sato that features a display of Niagara Falls. 

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