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Disney's Tsum Tsum Addiction

Have you ever played Disney’s Tsum Tsum? “LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum” is one of the most addictive and top ranked game since its release. This app was published by LINE and is the #1 app in Japan on iOS and Android.

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The game has been such a big hit with people competing for a higher score that there's even a Reddit on cheats and questions, as well as many websites that give tips and statistics on Tsum Tsum. The puzzle-matching game format lets you use your fingers to match the Disney Tsum characters to create a chain, and that earns you gold which lets you buy boxes to unlock more Tsum characters to give you a higher score against friends. These range from Micky, Minnie, Stitch, Alice, Elsa to Baymax.


With the origin of Tsum Tsum being Japan, Tsum Tsum means “stack, stack” in Japanese and it started off as a line of collectible plushies based on Disney characters. The plushies all stack on top of each other just like in the game. The plushies were first in Japan in 2013 and then in July 2014 it was sold in the United States. Since then it has expanded to Paris, South Korea as well as many other countries.

“This is one of the first times that Disney introduced a distinctly Japanese product to a global audience, and Disney Tsum Tsum a unique combination of quality characters, game play and social experience.” (j-popcon.dk) The Disney Tsum Tsum characters in are also a collectible characters.

A few of the plush themes series in Japan include Christmas, Easter, Pooh Honey Day, polka dot, and the expression series, as well as the year of the sheep series. A recent one was the Valentine’s series that had the Tsum Tsum stuck with chocolate. The Tsum Tsum characters have been flying off the shelves because of people's addiction to the game as well as the plushie design.


Tsum Tsum has grown into such a big trend that in February 2015 Japan held a Tsum Tsum 2015 Competition. In October 2014 in Yokohama at THE 3RD PLANET there was a testing of the arcade version that had a long queue line. The arcade machine looks exactly like the game on the smartphone except there is co-op play and more options that are top secret. Well, wait no longer to find out!

Recently, at the JAEPO 2015 (Japan Amusement Expo) in Japan the Konami Booth unveiled the new Tsum Tsum Arcade Game which has a special prize you can win. The game supports one player and two player mode. So if you're in Japan, look out for the machines in the arcades!


Have you played Disney's Tsum Tsum? Let us know in the comments below!

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