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Convenience Stores in Japan

Do you need to grab something quick to eat but taste good, cheap, and healthy? Do you need to buy tickets to an event asap but have no time to go online or do you need to kill some time? Perfect! Just go to a Japanese konbini!

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Japanese convenient stores or konbini are heavenly! But compared to the American convenient store it is different in so many ways. I know the only reason I would step into a 7/11 would only be for a slurpee. There is a konbini in almost every corner of Tokyo there is 7/11, Circle K, AMPM, Family Mart, Ministop, Lawson and many more small chains.

Konbinis are opened 24 hours and offer almost everything that you are looking for. From toothbrushes to coffee to deodorant anything you could possibly need.

You can also stand in there for hours to just read and loiter. They have manga and magazines that you can browse through and the cashier wouldn’t even mind.

Konbinis make your life so much easier, you can pay bills, and there are also international ATMs that are 24 hours. You can also buy tickets in the konbini and that includes baseball tickets and about any other ticket that may interest you for example to Tokyo Disney. The konbini can also serve as a temporary address for your packages this is an option because they deliver mail for only 3 or 4 times a day. It’s convenient because if you stop by to pay bills you can also pick up your mail too instead of waiting the next time the mail man comes. Of course, this can also improve efficiency for the mail man.

You can also buy edible food that look nice and are healthy with a rotation of choices every week. The food actually looks good and you can expect it tasting pretty good in comparison to the old shriveled looking hot dog. They also have the variety of drinks and snacks as well. Countless of things that you need, it’s there. 


One of the cultural differences in convenience stores in America and Japan is the safety factor is different. If women are being followed they could just stop by a konbini and wait there for a while before leaving since it is nice and bright, but in America you had better get out of there as fast as you can before someone comes and mugs you. 

Have you been to any konbini? Let us know in the comments below!

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